Cookie Policy

Use of cookies

1. Concept of Cookies

Cookies are files that are stored on a user's computer when browsing the Internet and which, specifically, contain a number that allows the user’s computer to be unequivocally identified, even if the user changes locations or IP addresses.

Cookies are installed while browsing the Internet, either by websites that the user visits or by third parties with which a website interacts, allowing them to find out the user's activity on that site or on others linked to it. For instance, it is possible to find out the location from which a site is accessed, the session's duration, the device from which it is accessed (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, most-visited websites, number of clicks, and the data on the user's behaviour online.

The website can be accessed without cookies needing to be activated, although deactivation may prevent the site from operating correctly.

2. Authorisation for the use of cookies

In accordance with the cookies notice that appears at the foot of the website, the user or visitor accepts that they are expressly consenting to the use of cookies as described below while navigating the site, except where the configuration of their browser has been modified to reject the use of cookies.

3. Types of cookies used on the website

Users browsing the website may find cookies sent directly by the Owner, as described in the following section:

3.1. Strictly necessary cookies sent by the Owner

The website Owner uses cookies that are strictly necessary and enable the website to be browsed correctly as well as ensuring that the content loads properly.

These cookies are also session cookies, meaning they are temporary and expire, and are deleted automatically when the user closes the browser.

SessionID Session Server session identifier.
VisitorID Persistent Used by the web audience analysis tool to differentiate unique users. We will only use this cookie when there is audience control with NetInsight.
MetaCookie Session Contains the name of all cookies that can be used in the portal and that are not subject to the directive on the use of cookies.
COOK_FIRST Session Generated the first time the portal is accessed, and marks whether the cookie policy message is explicit or implicit
CookieDirective Persistent Remembers whether the user has accepted or refused the use of cookies in the portal.
banner[identifier] Persistent Remembers user selection of browsing options through banners on a page.
Disclaimer Persistent Remembers whether the user has accepted the legal disclaimer so as not to show the message again.
WPID[identifier] Persistent Remembers the user's selection of widgets self-service.
Browsing Persistent Remembers the user's browsing of any categorised content.
UserType Persistent Indicates whether the user is registered or not.
Simple Persistent Shows the user’s browsing of any personalised content.

4. Browser configuration

The Owner reminds users that the use of cookies will be subject to their acceptance during browser installation or upgrading.

This acceptance may be revoked by means of the content and privacy configuration options available in the browser. The Owner recommends that users consult their browser’s help section or access the help pages of the main browsers:


Internet Explorer:




If the user would like to make any enquiries about the website's Cookies Policy or revoke consent previously given, please contact the Owner at the following email address: consultasweb@_____, stating "Cookies Policy" in the subject field.