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Santander Securities Services has designed a privacy policy, establishing the methods and procedures necessary for its implementation.

In accordance with Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LO 15/1999 of 13 December), personal data is understood to be "any information concerning physical persons, identified or identifiable".

The only personal information accessible by Santander Securities Services shall be that which is voluntarily provided by users. In this context it is necessary for users to know that, in order to subscribe and register with some products/services offered through the Website, they will be asked for personal information. In such cases, and with respect to the information expressly indicating this to users/clients, if they do not provide these then they will not be able to access or use the aforementioned services and content. As an example, identification details and information on creditworthiness may be requested, when naturally required by an operation, as well as any other information which, depending on the circumstances, may be legally required or necessary in order to provide the information requested or to offer a service. Voluntary information is collected by Santander Securities Services for the purpose indicated in the Data Protection clause set out below. The privacy policies for each subsidiary of Santander Securities Services are set out in the corresponding Legal Disclaimers on their respective websites.

In compliance with current regulations, Santander Securities Services has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures in order to maintain the level of security required for the handling of personal information. Furthermore, Santander Securities Services is equipped with the specific mechanisms at its disposal in order to avoid, as far as possible, unauthorised access to personal information and the theft, unlawful modification and loss thereof.

Nonetheless, if you publish information so that it is accessible to the public, it is possible that you may receive unsolicited messages from other persons and that your details are therefore made known to third parties.

In light of the above, you are recommended to exercise the utmost diligence and use all information security tools available to you. Santander Securities Services does not accept liability for the theft, modification or loss of personal information.

Users' rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection, where applicable, with respect to their personal information are recognised by law, and may be exercised by writing to the address listed in the Data Protection Clause set out below. In the same way, users may at any time revoke any authorisation that they may have granted for the use or disclosure of their information, without prejudice to Santander Securities Services' right to terminate the contract or operation in question when the aforementioned information is essential to the successful execution thereof. Users may also modify information which they have supplied to Santander Securities Services, via the websites, through the means indicated therein.


Users who are natural persons are informed that their personal information, which the Bank may be able to access as a result of enquiries, transactions, operations, contract applications or the procurement of products and services done via any channel, or as a result of computer processing of the information already recorded, shall be added to the Bank's corresponding file. The Bank shall be authorised to process this information for its own use in relation to the development of this form or request, as well as the development of commercial actions (whether of a general nature or adapted to the user's personal features) for offering to and contracting with the user of the products and services of the Bank itself. Authorisation shall remain effective in relation to this latter instance, including after the termination of the user's relationship with the Bank, until such time as it is revoked. Likewise, the interested party shall authorise the communication or transferral of the information referred to above to Companies belonging to Santander Securities Services which have the same objective. Furthermore, the interested party is informed that the aforementioned transferral shall henceforth be made to the Companies whose names and headquarters are indicated below, with their type of business activity also being detailed. In the event of subsequent transferrals to other Companies belonging to the Group, the parties agree that the Bank may communicate such transferrals to the interested party through the normal means used, where applicable, to inform them of the products that they have signed up for with the Bank. The interested party is informed of their right to objection, access, rectification or cancellation with respect to their personal information under the terms stipulated by Law. They may exercise this right, in writing, by sending a letter to Customer Services, Gran Vía Santander, Gran Vía de Hortaleza, nº 3, 28033. The delivery of the information requested in relation to the present document is obligatory, and Santander Securities Services, S.A.U., domiciled for these purposes at the address indicated above, shall be responsible for the data file.

Detailed below is the list of Santander Securities Services companies to which the transferral of personal information shall be made, as well as the business activity performed by each of these:


Notwithstanding the aforementioned, and the provisions contained in the previous section, the Account Holder may indicate their objection to the communication of their data and to the handling thereof for purposes different from those directly related to the maintenance, development or control of the contractual relationship, including the transferral of users' personal information to companies belonging to Santander Securities Services as well as the use of users' personal information in the offering and contracting of other products and services of the Bank.

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